Month: February 2020

No Way Out: The Humanitarian Crisis for Migrants and Asylum Seekers Trapped Between the United States, Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America

Published by Doctors Without Borders on February 11, 2020.

A documentation of the effects that U.S. asylum restriction policies are having on migrants’ physical and mental health, based on 480 interviews and testimonies with migrants and asylum seekers.

Tags: Asylum, Crimes Against Migrants, Detention, Metering, Mexico crackdown, Remain in Mexico, Trauma

Fiscal Year 2019 Customs and Border Protection Border Statistics

Published by Customs and Border Protection on February 11, 2020.

All of the prior-year data that CBP posts to its statistics page, combined in a single PDF file. Includes sector profile, family unit and UAC apprehensions, family unit apprehensions by sector, monthly apprehensions, apprehensions from Mexico and other than Mexico, staffing statistics, deaths, apprehensions by sector, apprehensions since 1925, and budget statistics.

Tags: Apprehensions, Budget, Migrant Deaths, Personnel, Statistics