25 NGO Reports tagged “Organizational Culture”

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CBP Violations of Custody Standards and International Human Rights By Failing toProvide Water, Food, Shelter, Sanitation and Medical Assistance to Migrants Detained inOpen-Air Corridor Between Border Wall Layers Near San Ysidro Port of Entry

Published by the Southern Border Communities Coalition on May 13, 2023.

A complaint to the DHS Civil Rights and Civil Liberties office about Border Patrol’s practice of penning asylum seekers between layers of the border wall south of San DIego for days before processing them.

Tags: Asylum, Human Rights, Organizational Culture, San Diego

Protecting the Predators at DHS: How a Federal Watchdog Suppresses Findings of Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

Published by the Project on Government Oversight on April 7, 2022.

Newly obtained documents point to the DHS Inspector-General suppressing, delaying, and watering down information about serious sexual harassment and domestic abuse patterns within the Department’s law enforcement agencies, including CBP and ICE.

Tags: Gender Perspective, Organizational Culture, Oversight, Sexual Assault

Request for congressional investigations and oversight hearings on the unlawful operation of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Critical Incident Teams (BPCITs)

Published by the Southern Border Communities Coalition on October 27, 2021.

Calls on Congress to look more deeply into the operations of secretive Border Patrol teams whose purpose appears to be to exonerate agents alleged to have committed serious human rights abuses.

Tags: Border Patrol, Human Rights, Organizational Culture, Oversight, Use of Force

Unresolved Complaints of CBP Misconduct Require Immediate Attention and Accountability

Published by the ACLU on March 3, 2021.

A memo to the incoming Biden administration’s new Homeland Security secretary details numerous unresolved cases of CBP and Border Patrol misconduct and abuse. Accompanied by a 207-page appendix of complaints issued in 2019 and 2020.

Tags: Asylum, Detention, Family Separation, Human Rights, Metering, Organizational Culture, Public Health, Remain in Mexico, Use of Force