September 2020

Reporting in September 2022, the Nogales-based Kino Border Initiative (KBI) related a father’s prolonged inability to reunite with two daughters.

Miguel [name changed to protect privacy] and his 2 daughters arrived in Nogales in January of 2020, when asylum seekers faced “metering.” When it was almost his family’s turn to cross and start their asylum process, the government implemented Title 42, meaning Miguel and his family would have to wait indefinitely for the ability to seek asylum. They waited 8 months and Miguel then made the impossible decision to send his daughters on without him, ages 8 and 1. He tried to cross to the US to reunite with them 3 times, but CBP expelled him each time and detained him for 30 days for en-entry on his last attempt. He has yet to be able to reunite with his daughters.

— “September 15 update from KBI” (Nogales: Kino Border Initiative, September 15, 2022).

Sector(s): Tucson

Agency(ies): CBP

Event Type(s): Family Separation

Accountability Status: Unknown

Victim Classification: Accompanied Child, Family Unit