Links to Recent Border and Migration News

January 25, 2023

It’s been a week and a half since a National Guardsman wounded a migrant, and Texas authorities are being untransparent

Activists will gather three times per week to preserve the 1970s-era Friendship Park along the border, as CBP plans new wall building

If one gate malfunctions, a new wall project could cause serious flooding along the San Diego-Tijuana border

Zachary Mueller of America’s Voice previews the GOP’s planned hearings on the border and migration

Tony Gonzales, who represents a large Texas border district, is a relative moderate among House Republicans on migration policy

“President Biden came into office vowing to dismantle Trump-era restrictions on asylum, but has found himself proposing similar policies amid an unprecedented migrant crisis”

The suit against the Biden administration’s humanitarian parole policy will almost certainly be heard by hardline Trump-appointed judge Drew Tipton

20 Republican states go to court once again to block a Biden administration immigration policy, this time the “humanitarian parole” program for 30,000 migrants per month

  • Complaint (United States District Court Southern District of Texas Victoria Division, January 25, 2023).

Complaint filed by 20 GOP-governed states’ attorneys-general opposing the Biden administration’s humanitarian parole program

20 Republican states once again file a lawsuit in the 5th Circuit to undo a Biden administration immigration policy, this time targeting the new humanitarian parole program for some countries’ migrants

Title 42 expansion has reduced asylum-seeking migration in January

Thread looks at how Republican attorneys-general have targeted the 5th Circuit’s hardline judges when opposing Biden administration immigration policies