August 8th, 2023

On August 8th, hundreds of migrants arrived alongside the U.S border in Ciudad Juarez after false rumors spread that the U.S would allow entry to a mass group. 

Hours prior, the U.S Border Patrol warned that social media and word of mouth rumors were inciting migrants in Juarez to approach the border in hopes of being allowed entry. Although the rumors were false, up to 1,000 migrants walked to the U.S Side of the Puente Negro (Black Bridge) and started shaking the border wall.

Around 8:50pm, one group allegedly approached the locked gate and began throwing rocks in an attempt to breach the crossing and force a mass entry, federal officials reported. CBP officials consequently began deploying tear gas and firing pepper balls until the crowd returned to Mexican soil. One video of the incident illustrates the pepper balls mostly striking the fence. 
After this incident, the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) released a statement condemning the “disproportionate use of force against civilians, children, and migrant families”. BNHR also demanded the “Biden Administration and Congress to bring accountability and oversight to federal immigration agencies at the southern border”. With many children and families injured as a result of the confusion, migrant advocates like BNHR will be asking the Department of Justice to review the incident.

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Sector(s): Border Patrol

Agency(ies): Border Patrol, CBP

Event Type(s): Crowd Control, Endangerment

Accountability Status: Unknown

Victim Classification: Accompanied Child, Family Unit